We are a family starting on a new adventure.  We are starting a family farm.  We have always had a garden and grown vegetables and flowers and have been beekeepers for three years.  Now, we want to do more.  We want to raise and grow the majority of our food as well as provide the community with a source of clean, healthy food.  We do everything with the attitude that we are “Caretakers of Creation”.  No, we did not come up with that title on our own.  That title came from our inspiration, Joel Salatin who owns Polyface Farm in Virginia.  I could write at length about why Polyface is our role model but to keep it short, if you haven’t yet, you need to watch Food Inc. or read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  We as a family feel that local farms should be just as common as the local grocery stores as a community’s source for food.

Our farm, Third Creek Cottage Gardens, began about three years ago with honeybees and cut flowers.  Actually, it began about sixteen years ago when my husband and I got married and purchased our seventeen acre farm.  We purchased our property with dreams of having a family farm.  We now have the time to follow those dreams.  We are excited and our children are excited.  We are sure we will make some mistakes, do some things right and most certainly learn.


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