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Life of a Broiler-Week5

The broilers are now five weeks old.

Five week-old Cornish Cross broiler chicken.


This chicken decided to get up on one of the beams of the coop and hitch a ride while we moved the coop.

Moving our coops is easy with the dolly.  We place the dolly on one end, lift up and slide it under the pen.



We then go to the opposite side of the pen and pull.

Handles are on the front and back of the pens for easy moving.

Handles are on the front and back of the pens for easy moving.


We currently have 150 chickens on pasture.  We have these chickens divided among three pens to allow for ample amount of feeder and grazing space.


We have a Bell waterer on two pens and a homemade bucket waterer in one pen.  Both work well.  The pens are moving towards the woods.  If you look close, you can see that I was standing where the pens had been a few days before.  Our chickens are on green grass, out in the sunshine and fresh air and fertilizing our pastures all at once.  It is a lot of work to move pens every morning but so worth it.


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Life of a Broiler-Week 4

The chickens are growing.  Here is what they look like this week.

Four-week old broiler chick.

Four-week old broiler chick.

They love being moved to fresh grass each day.

This is a picture of them inside the pen.


The fresh grass, sunshine and fresh air keeps our chickens happy and healthy.

Sorry for the short post, but we have been extremely busy around the farm.  I will be sharing some of our projects.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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The Life of a Broiler – Week 3

I am technically three days late on this post, so please forgive me.  We have been very busy.  We started back to school this week, built a new turkey roost ( I will have a post about this soon) and began work on a coop for our new batch of laying hens.  Busy, busy, busy!  But we are happy, happy, happy.  Don’t you just love Si?

Anyway…back to my post.

Here is what one of our broiler chicks looks like now.

Three week old Cornish Cross chick.

Three week old Cornish Cross chick.

They are starting to get more feathers and less fuzz.


In case you have forgotten what they looked like three weeks ago…

Day old Cornish Cross chick.

Day old Cornish Cross chick.

They are growing like weeds and eating like little pigs.

They have been weaned off of the heat lamps and are out on pasture.  We move the pens every morning to give the chicks access to fresh grass.  We did have to put three of the smallest chicks back into the brooder so that they would not be trampled to death.  When you raise chickens, a brooder makes a great hospital.


We let these little guys out when we are outside so that we can keep an eye on them.  Once they get a little bigger we will integrate them back into the flock.

Here are the others enjoying the grass.


I love seeing and hearing happy little chicks.

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